Raider Rig Rental Form

Thank you for your interest in Raider Rigs, the all-terrain accessible quad vehicle! Raider Rigs are presented to you by the Office of Disability Services and Campus Recreation. 

Please see below for information on the rental process. Please allow at least two business days to set up trainings. 
Step 1: Schedule a 30 minute orientation with Adapted Recreation to learn how to use Raider Rigs and sign a release waiver.
Step 2: Schedule a 30 minute outdoor ride with Adapted Recreation Workout Buddy to get a feel for how the Rigs work outdoors.
Step 3: Use this reservation form to request a date and time to take a Raider Rig out on your own!

Learn more about The Rig in this video.

Essential Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Riders must be able to sit up independently 

  • Riders must have adequate grip strength 

  • Riders must be able to physically use a manual wheelchair for at least 50 feet 

Raider Rig Usage: 

  • Riders must be able to monitor battery and return Rig before the battery dies 

  • Riders must keep Rig dry from weather conditions  

  • Riders must have a backup plan for rescue if leaving campus 

  • Riders must keep Rigs stored safely away from possible theft 

  • Riders must return Rig before close of Campus Recreation

  • Riders must weigh under 225 lbs. 

  • Riders must wear a helmet at all times 

  • Riders must not operate the Rig on hills steeper that 15 degrees 

  • Riders must keep all tires level, use throttle and brakes gradually, and shift weight while turning 

Did you know the Miami Valley has the most miles of interconnected bike paths in the United States? We even have bike paths and routes connected through Wright State! Take a look at the 
Miami Valley Bike Trails Map to see all the places you can go around the region.  

Any questions? Email or call 937-775-5505.

Raider Rig FAQs 

Q: Can the rig climb mountains? 

Weight is a big factor when talking about hill climbing. Realistically, don't think of The Rig as a Mountain Climber, think of it more as a back road adventurer. Climbing a 15% incline with 225lbs can start to overheat the motor in about 10 minutes. BUT on gentle slopes or flat ground the rig can roll around all day long

Q: How hard is it to drive the rig? 

The Rig does have manual steering and manual brakes. It does require upper body strength and hand strength to maneuver. Just about as much strength as it takes to operate a normal pedal bike. Also, coordinating the throttle, brakes, and steering does require full cognitive and decision making ability. Watch this short video for more detail: 

Q: Can I ride in the rain, or in puddles? 

No. There is no water protection inside the electronics. The motor, and motor controller (Little silver box) need to stay 100% dry. 

Q: How much does the rig weigh? 

A Rig with 2 batteries and full suspension weighs 130lbs. (59kg) 

A Rig with 1 battery and full suspension weighs 120lbs. (54kg)

Q: Can I drive The Rig with one arm? 

The safe answer is No. Our rig has manual steering that requires the use of both arms. And more importantly, The Rig has manual brakes. Without the access to both front and rear brakes, the bike would be unsafe to drive. It is not recommended to operate with just one arm or one hand. 

Q: How do you travel with The Rig? 

The easiest and best way to travel with the Rig is if you have a truck, and can load it into the truck bed. Another good option is a trailer, or a basket carrier hitch attachment. 
The Rig does not break down any smaller so it will not fit into smaller vehicles. The handlebars and back of the seat can fold down to be able to load into the back of SUVs and larger vehicles. 


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